Advisory Committee

To assist the Office of Distance & Digital Learning (DDL) in the planning, development and evaluation of online and digital learning offerings and services at DSU, an Advisory Committee was established by approval of the Office of the Provost.

Areas of advisement include:

  • Strategic & Prioritization Planning
  • Budget & Resource Review
  • Student Orientation & Support Services
  • Faculty Professional Development & Training
  • Policies, Procedures and Best Practices
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance & Accreditation

Online programs or credential pathways (certificates, degrees) planning and prioritization will be reviewed and approved in collaboration with the Academic Chairs, Deans and Provost.


The advisory committee includes the following members, representing key stakeholders and partners at the university.

  • Ryan Hobbs*, Director of Distance & Digital Learning
  • Weston Zimmerman, DSUSA Academics VP
  • Michelle McDermott, Faculty Senate President-Elect
  • Darlene Dilley, Student Affairs – Enrollment Management
  • Tiffany Draper, Student Affairs – Orientation/Student Success
  • Eli Bermudez, Dean, College of Health Sciences
  • Cari Buckner, Department Chair, Family Studies & Human Development
  • Verl Anderson, Faculty at-large (College of Business)
  • Scott Allen, Faculty Development (CTL)
  • Jared Johnson, Information Technology

* Committee Chair


The Advisory Committee is scheduled to meet at least eight times a year, aligned with the regular academic calendar. If you would like to participate in an upcoming meeting, please contact the Committee Chair. Visitors are always welcome.

  • Fall (Sep, Oct, Nov)
  • Spring (Feb, Mar, Apr)
  • Summer (Jun, Jul)