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Course Design & Development

Course Design & Development

New or revisions of online and blended courses are to be coordinated with Digital & Extended Learning. These courses are designed collaboratively with a team of professionals, including faculty, learning designers, technologists, media specialists, etc.

Prioritization for course development is primarily focused on the development of courses connected with existing or future online programs. Individual courses that are not connected to an online program will be included in the project queue as time and resources are available.

To learn more about the design and development process and available compensation and support resources, please contact:

Joshua Holt, Project Manager (435-879-4669)

Master Course Design

All online courses developed are intended to be designed to be master courses with common learning outcomes and summative assessments, and a set of core learning activities that support the intended learning outcomes. Faculty have the ability to add course elements and personalization, as long as the central design is not compromised.

Design & Development Process

A collaborative, team-based approach is used in the design and development of new and revision of existing courses. Common team members include: faculty course lead, faculty reviewers, learning designer, course technologist, library specialist, and media specialists.

There are four phases in the development process:

Development Process

In the next two phases, a backwards design process is used to design and develop the course. Core activities include,

  • Review and define course learning outcomes
  • Identify or create authentic assessments
  • Select and develop instructional materials
  • Create learning activities
  • Assemble the course materials in the learning platform

Once a course is assembled, it is reviewed using the quality standards. Following any needed revisions, the course is piloted in one or two sections, assessing changes to the course design.

Ongoing reviews and revisions are conducted to enhance future offerings.