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Online Teaching Certification

Online Teaching Certification

Teaching online requires specific knowledge, skills and abilities, that are similar, but unique in comparison with teaching in a traditional classroom. As such, it is imperative that faculty are effectively prepared to effectively engage with students in an online classroom. To this end, the Online Teaching Certification program was established.

Certification Program

Beginning Spring 2019, the OTC program is consolidated into a single course element (9-weeks) to improve upon the learner experience and better facilitate application.

NOTE: Prior to Spring 2019, the OTC program was organized into two parts: part I (5- or 7-week course) and part II (application/mentoring activity).

Faculty will receive a DSU digital badge/certificate upon certification that can be posted on LinkedIn or other social media/network space, along with their teaching portfolio.

Course Schedule

One or more sessions will be scheduled each semester to effectively accommodate the certification needs of faculty assigned to teach online. Based upon demand/need, additional sessions will be made available.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Summer 2019: May 20 - Jul 22
  • Fall 2019: Sep 9 - Nov 17

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Upon completion of the course, faculty will be enrolled into an Online Teaching Community (Yammer Group), where best practices will be showcased from other DSU faculty, expectations and standards will be reinforced, and ongoing dialogue facilitated based upon community needs and interests. Learning community groups will be formed around disciplines and/or topics.


Adjunct/Instructor faculty assigned to teach online are eligible for compensation ($250) for participation, as it is not included an existing teaching contract expectations. Compensation for full-time faculty is under review by the Faculty Senate and university policy revision processes.


If I have already completed a similar certification program, is it necessary that I complete the DSU Online Teaching Certification?

Yes. While faculty may have already completed a similar resource, it is important that faculty are introduced to DSU online teaching best practices and expectations. Feedback from those who have similar experience who have completed the OTC program have commented that the OTC experience was well worth their time.

I have completed part I (learning) of the former OTC program design. How do I got about completing part II (application)?

Individuals needing part II will or have been added to additional Canvas space organized to apply lessons learned from the certification course.

Is the online teaching certification required to teach online?

Beginning Fall 2019, faculty who are assigned to teach online will need to have completed the online teaching certification program to be eligible to teach online.

Who should I contact for additional information about the OTC program?

Please contact Teri Brandenburg(435-879-4728) for more information.