Online Teaching Certification

Teaching online requires specific knowledge, skills and abilities, that are similar, but unique in comparison with teaching in a traditional classroom. As such, it is imperative that faculty are effectively prepared to effectively engage with students in an online classroom.

Certification Program

The new Online Teaching Certification program is comprised of two elements:

  1. A 7-week online course where participants will experience being an online student and learn/apply the quality standards, best practices and expectations of online teaching at DSU. This replaces the former online teaching course facilitated by Becky Smith, and will be required of all faculty assigned to teach online regardless of past requirements or online teaching experience.
  2. One semester of mentoring by a certified DSU faculty online course reviewer, where the online teaching competencies introduced in the online course will be reviewed and assessed, and the faculty’s teaching plan will be implemented from the certification course.

Official certification will be achieved when these elements are successfully completed.

Faculty will receive a DSU digital badge/certificate upon certification that can be posted on LinkedIn or other social media/network space. Other digital badges can also be earned successful completion of other professional development activities.


Initial Pilots (up to 15 participants): Fall 2017 (Oct 24 – Dec 8) and Spring 2018 (Feb 20 – Apr 22). Faculty selected to participate in the initial pilots will be eligible for up to $500. Compensation for future sessions is currently in discussion with faculty and academic administrative leadership, aligned with proposed workload, evaluation and compensation policies.

Beginning Summer 2018, one or more sessions will be scheduled to effectively accommodate the certification needs of faculty assigned to teach online sections. Based upon demand/need, additional sessions will be made available.

Upon completion of the course, faculty will be enrolled into an Online Teaching Community, where best practices will be showcased from other DSU faculty, expectations and standards will be reinforced, and ongoing dialogue facilitated based upon community needs and interests. Learning community groups will be formed around disciplines and/or topics.

Tracking Participation

Participation in the course and mentoring will be tracked and monitored by our office, working with department heads to secure participation. All faculty assigned to teach an online course(es) will be required to complete this certification program by Summer 2019. Any faculty who do not complete the training will be ineligible to teaching online at DSU.